About the author John G I Clarke

John Clarke is a social worker, a freelance writer, a sometime film maker and author.

John's first commitment as a professional social worker is to ensure human rights acquire meaning. The Constitution of South Africa has an excellent Bill of Rights on paper and in theory. John finds that this does not happen in general practice especially when human rights are at odds with mining rights.

Since 2006 his work has focused on supporting the efforts of the amaDiba people of the Pondoland Wild Coast of South Africa, to

(1) Claim their rights in the face of an Australian mining companies efforts to subvert opposition and co-opt them into surrendering their ancestral lands for a coastal dune mining operation to extract titanium deposits, and

(2) Challenge the roughshod attempts by the Department of Minerals Resources to force the scheme on them, and override all other government mandates (environment, land rights, tourism, agriculture etc).